Sneaky Microsoft released an iPhone app recently called Photosynth that’s pretty amazing. Super simple to use, just: launch it, “tap to start” shooting pics, and pan around the room while it automatically grabs the images it needs to stitch together panoramas that are easy to share on their website.

Want better quality and higher resolution? Use your DSLR and their free Image Composite Editor (Windows app) to generate the panos. To get it looking just right requires “aligning the nodal point” of the camera. A little bracket like this would come in handy.

You could also go whole hog and pick up a GigaPan. But these were shot with my iPhone 4 on a recent hike…

[8 June update: swapped out boring panos with more interesting ones.]

To SharePoint or Not to SharePoint…

To be fair, the discussion of whether or not to SharePoint has long since been concluded. SharePoint won. Why? Simple. It offers pretty much everything a Microsoft-based business needs to share files securely.

And it does tons more besides that, if you have the cash.

After packing 35 hours of training into 4.5 days last week taking Course 10741 (Configuring and Administering MS SharePoint 2010) with instructor Richard Oertle, I’m still reeling from the experience.

It was one of those I-thought-I-had-a-handle-on-it-until-I-found-out-just-how-much-there-is-to-know situations.

Now I just need to get my hands on a copy of Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server and SharePoint 2010 Server for my VirtualBox test machine… (or maybe just shoot me now before Darth Gates has finished the assimilation process.)