Buddy Time

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Lily had a play date yesterday with her friend Maisy. First there’s the mad dash-and-chase through the house and around the yard. Then a brief relax, followed by a dog-on-dog bite fest. Finish it off with another mad dash when Maisy’s Mom comes to collect her. Exhausting just to watch.

“Judging Wines by Their Labels…”

Illustration by Jen Cotton
Wine Chart - design by label. Illustration by Jen Cotton

Now this is good… An article combining two of my favorite things: wine and graphic design. It’s not only a useful technique for choosing a wine, but spot on.

Word Play: “Pinot Evil? Ah … cute. Look at those monkeys!”

What to Expect: Would it blow your mind if I told you that these wines were incredible? Well … they aren’t. They’re the same crap as all the stuff above.

Next time you’re looking at 3 different $10 bottles of wine, try the one with “animals doing things” or lots of “white space”.

(via Sloshed: Maybe We Should Be Judging Wines by Their Labels — Grub Street New York by Matthew Latkiewicz)

Spring Cleaning the Ayurvedic Way

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I believe that a little spring cleaning is good for the body as well as the home. But my past attempts at de-gunking the plumbing haven’t always been successful. Whether it be through herbal teas, fasting or a bottle of colon blow, I lack the mental fortitude required to see things through to the end.

Either that or I just plain cave when the suggestion (inevitably) arises to get a pizza and pour a glass of wine.

Lucky for me I have a friend named Amita who practices Ayurveda and has put together a nice little package that makes it so much easier to get my cleanse on.

I’m only on day 2, which starts with a couple teaspoons of melted ghee (along with breakfast), and a nice helping of Kicharee (pictured above) split between lunch and dinner. The hardest part is refraining from snacking.

Day 3 and 4 increases the morning ghee, and there’s a fast at the end of day 4 leading up to the “big event” on day 5. I promise not to elaborate on that here. You’ll just have to call Ami if you want the details.