Recent Client Work

Busy busy busy…

In addition to a couple not-yet-ready-for-primetime websites, here’s the short list of recent work:

Bread Bread   (a placeholder site for now)

Hokanson•Dix Glass

Durango Wheel Club

The Bread website can be found using either or, and I used a new HTML5 animation app called Hype to make the sign change in a way the real sign wishes it could. Even looks great on my iPhone.

Now it’s time to learn how to blow glass.

Glass Art

[singlepic id=34 w=700]

Durango is amazing in so many ways, including the variety of people who choose to call it home. It takes an act of courage to move your family and possessions to the middle of nowhere, but trucking out thousands of pounds of glass blowing equipment as well… whoa doggy. That takes courage and nerve.

In any case, Bengt Hokanson and Trefny Dix did just that when they moved their craft to town in 2010.

If you’re a local, watch for gallery show notices in The Telegraph, or give them a call. Otherwise, check out their website.

I used my camera to shoot a quick test video of the duo creating one of their glass “Sails”. Here’s the result…