So you want to know more about me than the sidebar bio? Well, when I graduated UCSB in 1989 I had no idea what to do with a BA in business economics and a penchant for drawing and painting. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for a change of scenery and lucked into a chance meeting with a friend-of-a-friend who had just started a “multimedia” company. We called ourselves StudioGraphics. The year was 1991.

My internship involved making an interactive, floppy disk-based holiday “card” using Autodesk Animator Pro. I had to figure out MS-DOS first though. It was an exciting time. We were sending out interactive electronic “cards” before the internet was even a thing. AOL was just coming online via dial-up modems.

Time elapsed. I progressed. And of course, technology leaped and bounded. During that time I…

  • bought my first Apple Mac SE/30 in 1989. I’ve also owned an LC II, Quadra 650, IIvx, iMac G3, iBook (clamshell), Powerbook G3, Powerbook G4 Ti, Powermac G4, and several MacBook Pros.
  • installed a 1x CD-ROM in a 386 PC as a test platform for delivering interactive multimedia CDs in 1991.
  • authored CDs for computer-based training, product demos, and education using: Macromedia Authorware, Macromedia Director, Hypercard, and Aimtech IconAuthor (running on an SGI machine)!
  • cut my digital graphics teeth with Photoshop 2.0.
  • experienced the Internet for the first time using the original Mosaic Browser in 1994.
  • ran a 2D/3D animation company with a friend that created motion graphics for broadcast video. Also taught myself non-linear video editing and compositing using COSA After Effects, Adobe Premier, Media100, and eventually Final Cut Pro (beta tester).
  • began designing and building websites in 1997.
  • edited and streamed video for websites as early as 1999.
  • handled all web, video, and print designs for the custom golf club-making industry’s most widely acclaimed equipment designer.
  • helped build and manage an online community for Spine Surgeons from 2001 – 2009.
  • started DharmaDuf Media as a freelance webdesign/build project using WordPress, which continues to this day.

What can I do for you? Depends.

I’m available for consulting on small-to-medium-sized websites, as well as web services and technologies. I enjoy debunking the myths and mysteries of Search Engine Optimization. I’m capable of knocking out print collateral and logos on occasion. And I enjoy troubleshooting Apple hardware.