The Price-decision Threshold

At what price do you start belaboring the decision making process?

For me it’s about $25, which has nothing to do with how much money I have in the bank, but everything to do with Fuji vs. Gala vs. McIntosh vs. Delicious apples, then wondering if maybe a pear would be better…

But that example is well below my price-decision threshold, so boom! Into the cart goes two McIntoshes and a Bosc (along with some bananas and grapefruit).

Now that you’ve peered into my process I can switch objects to a different kind of Apple, the iPhone.

When they first came out I couldn’t get one. Durango belonged to Verizon and Alltel, and the AT&T website would just laugh at me when I put my zip code in their service finder.

But all that changed a month ago with the Verizon iPhone. Then the decision became iPhone 4 or wait for #5?

That’s a pretty easy one actually. The most likely improvement to version 5 is the addition of 4G connectivity. And who knows if Durango will ever get that service upgrade.

[singlepic id=41 w=300 float=right]I delayed gratification just long enough to savor the moment of arrival. And because we bought a used iPad a few weeks ago and I didn’t want to risk novelty-overload.

I also held off because I had to dig deep and really consider whether or not I needed an iPhone. Sure I wanted one, but did I need one enough to justify the added expense?

Ironically, my wife opened the door by requesting a new bit of tech for her bike — a Garmin 500. (Ever notice how technology has a way of begetting more technology?)

I’ve been using a Garmin 500 for the last year and it’s a brilliant bike computer with GPS for tracking rides. But here I am just itching to find a way to justify the iPhone purchase and a solution is presented on a garnished platter.

Little did I know just how challenging the subsequent decision would be… What’s the best way to turn your iPhone into a bike computer?

I’m going to save that for a followup post. I already have about 6 hours of research in on the subject and have yet to pull the trigger.

Soon though. I’m getting hungry.