Buddhism in Business (from jonathanfields.com)

What could a janitor teach a Nobel physicist? What could a short-order cook teach a global CEO? What could a child in the playground teach a world class athlete? What value could these people be to each other?

Answer – everything, if you’re willing to open your mind the notion that everyone is not only your equal, but your teacher.

There aren’t many business/consulting related blogs that I follow, but Jonathan Fields’ contributions are nearly always valuable.

Today’s post, If Buddha Was CEO: The Four Immeasurables in Business, is exceptional.

Though I’m not a religious person, I’ve had Buddhist leanings for many years, and Jonathan sums up the reasons why perfectly with this article on how one might adapt the four immeasurables—Loving-kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity—to business (and the rest of your life).