December Birthday

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My son, Keiran, is a December baby. In the past this usually meant pool party at the Rec Center. But now that he’s a ‘tweener’ it’s a little more challenging, and December’s flukey weather doesn’t make it any easier.

It also means that there aren’t too many birthday party years remaining, but one dilemma at a time thank you very much.

Luckily Durango is home to a little-known, privately owned, indoor sports field, The Stillwater Foundation. While it can be challenging to make the necessary arrangements, the end result was 2 hours of super fun indoor soccer for 11 kids on his 11th birthday.

My camera (Sony SLT-a33) has a built-in panoramic auto-stitch feature that works really well, unless there’s a lot of movement. But in this case I really like the effect.