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Durango Wheel Club

Want to know what the Wheel Club’s been up to over the past few years? Browse around.

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Make new friends. Get involved. Go out and ride. (Or at least click around a bit.)

James Ranch

I built the first website in 2004, in Dreamweaver. Lots of tables and static pages. And lots of time to create.

After much education on the benefits and features of making the move to professional hosting and a WordPress backend, the James Family Collective (my term for their wonderful and large family) allowed me to upgrade their website to the one you see today.

Now they can modify content, add items to their beef or cheese or gardens pages, post new photos or menus, without me in the middle.

Durango Mountain Home Site

Looking for an incredible place to build your San Juan Mountains home? How about one with a view of Engineer Mountain to the north, and in the other direction the Animas Valley all the way to Durango? You even get a private lake with your own fishing dock!

I built this website and shot all the photos on-location to feature help the owner expose his property-for-sale to the broadest market possible – the Internet. It’s cached to load very quickly. It highlights the photography while still being informative. And it’s search engine friendly.

Vantage Drilling

Vantage contacted me when their existing website disappeared one morning and the host couldn’t be contacted. These things happen. Using I got their site back up and running in less than a day. After they were satisfied with the results they gave me the task of implementing a news blog and stock ticker.

When it came time for website round 2 we decided to take it up a notch and bring the site back to WordPress and for hosting.


Known throughout the Four Corners for its delicious baked goods, Bread remains hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Even a single page site like this one helps people find you, and maybe entices them to make a detour off Main for a taste.

Animas Water Company

Yet another case of aging website that no one can get easy access to for making quick updates to the content.

Yep. WordPress to the rescue again.

They don’t blog. They post “news”. Customers love it nearly as much as the Company does.

Durango Land and Home

Not just another realtor website. Chelsea wanted something with a little more polish and a cleaner layout with better photos for her listings.

Round 2 – we moved everything over to, added some “lifestyle” photos throughout (taken by me), and gave her and her assistant full control over the listings!


Created using, the original goal of this project was to establish a presence that was larger than its sister site/company in Chile. It also needed to be a point of contact and repository for their brochure and careers page. As a growing concern, we will soon be revamping their website with an eye toward better SEO, cross-advertising and promotion of the company’s full range of services. (updated in 2015)

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